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2005-07-15 - 10:55 p.m.

8 days to go! (Well, one week really, as this day is already almost over).

I've sacked the hairdresser. I went for my 'trial run' yesterday and drew her a picture of what I wanted. She shook her head, tried it half-heartedly, and then persuaded me that it didn't give me enough height and took it down again. Instead of simply trying the same, or even a similar style, higher up, she then abandoned every aspect of what I had asked for and began to set my hair, but not before she had cut about two inches off the bottom (GRRRR!)

Having curled, heated and backbrushed it to within an inch of its life, she then put it up 'princess Anne style'. It rose from my forehead for about an inch and a half before gliding back into a collection of buns that looked for all the world like profiteroles nestling in a sort of hair basket. This had the immediate effect of making me look like a 65 year old Victorian.

When I expressed this reaction, she took it all down again and then did exactly the same thing only without the side parting, which had been the remaining vestige of my original request. This version made me look like an enormous puffball.

At this point we ran out of time, so she said that I'd have to come back since I still wasn't happy. I went to the desk and was charged 20.50 for this disaster, although I had been told that the trial run was free.

So today my appointment was cancelled, and I'll be doing my own hair. Hmmm.

On the bright side, Karen came round tonight and iced the cake and it looks amazing. By the time she had finished, most of her was blue, including her hands, arms, nose and even teeth. But the cake was beautifully iced with my chosen words around the edge.

Hen weekend starts tomorrow...then the final week last!!

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