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2005-07-19 - 7:23 p.m.

5 days to go! (Or 4 if you start counting tomorrow! Stupid countdown...I never remember whether I'm counting the day I'm on, or the day itself, or both...)

I had a great hen weekend. My cousin Emily and I arrived early and began with a swift half of cider in the Pickerel, most of which I managed to spill down my new white skirt as I carried it through to the terrace. Punting followed on the sunny cam, with gondoliers in the form of Sam and Seaton, each wearing the obligatory "Amy's hen party" sash, stylishly created by Sophie. (Mine said "Bride to Be", and I also had to wear a hilarious veil on a headband with white rosebuds that stuck straight up off the top of my head!)

Once on the punts, Emily produced champagne (well, something white/rosee and fizzy, anyway, that popped open with a satisfying bang),salmon sandwiches and strawberries, and I spilled alcohol down myself for the second time that day. Due to my ridiculous attire, tourists shouted "congratulations!" and occasionally requested champagne as we floated by.

Safe on dry ground in Chez Gerard (brilliant idea of my sister's apparently - she phoned from Greece before we went in) each of the hens read me a poem of their choice, and I surprised them with one I had written myself on the subject of Harry Potter. There were also presents which were supposed to be things I would need in married life (um, thanks for the 'foreplay dice' Jacqueline) and then, best idea of all, Xanthe produced a series of objects suggested by Tiff that were supposed to remind me of various aspects of our relationship and things we've done/do together. Thankfully, I got them all right. One of them was a glass of Drambuie, which I didn't spill down my skirt.

The rest of the evening gets slightly hazier in my mind. I know we went back to Xanthe's and watched 'What's Up Doc?' and I know I talked to Alice until four in the morning, when we heard the dawn chorus and decided to get some sleep...but I'm not entirely sure where the very purple bruise on the top of my right leg came from! Interestingly, it's in nearly the same place that Tiff was sporting one after his stag do...his came from go-karting, but as far as I know we didn't go-kart. I wasn't as drunk as that!

That was the weekend, and this is Tuesday, and I have stuck lots of little blue hearts to white squares, and lots of little white roses to blue card, and I have also read the whole of Harry Potter and went to sleep at 2.30 am last night as a result. I think perhaps this week might go more quickly if I slept more...


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