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2005-07-13 - 11:37 p.m.

Ten days to go!

I have spent today doing EVERYTHING. I started at about 8.30am by cleaning out the snails, and it was already too hot outside to do this comfortably. I think even the snails were overheating. They certainly enjoyed their paddle in the washing bowl while I hosed out their tank and put it all back together again.

Over the rest of the day I managed to get some house insurance, tidy away some more books, pack for the honeymoon, buy coat-hangers and put away the rest of my clothes, dust the bedroom, and generally fulfill other requirements that I had set myself in my "weeks before the wedding" notebook. I had supper with Derek and Kay: Derek then drove me to the station and waited until he had heaved my suitcase onto the train and the doors had begun to close before thrusting a 10 note into my hand, cunningly leaving me no time to protest. "Get yourself a hot drink!" he called as he leapt off the train.

I didn't. I got myself a taxi at the other end to avoid lugging my immeasurably heavy bag around on the tube. What on earth do I have in it?! I packed it only today and I'm sure it only contained a few summer clothes and a pair of sandals!

Flanders said that packing a suitcase is the only example where "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". It's amazing how many things wriggle themselves in there when I'm not looking. I'll have to repack it before the honeymoon, or I'll never get it back down all these stairs...

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