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2005-03-23 - 4:42 p.m.

Okay, I'm trying to get this change-your-template thing licked now, but I'm too stupid to understand all the html. So this entry is an experiment to see whether it will turn up with a blue background and orange type, and a little photo of me in the corner automatically. But to make it interesting for everyone, I'll also stick up another photo, since I'm getting quite confident at doing that now! This one is of my two littlest bridesmaids trying on their dresses. It's safe to show it even though Tiffer might see it, because the dresses have since been modified to match mine...but you'll have to wait for the wedding photos to find out about that!!
4 months today, yipeeee! Don't miss my last entry (I've been getting a bit entry-happy, and I don't normally enter two on the same day, but I've been on holiday with a broadband computer...); my last entry, as I was saying, which has a picture of our HOUSE!!!!!
Annyway, here are the bridesmaids, aren't they gorgeous? You can just see Katie's face in the mirror.


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