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2005-03-23 - 8:50 a.m.

Hurray! The photos work! So here's a picture of the house where, God willing, Tiffer and I will take up our very first residence:

It's the enormous, three-bedroomed, two-sitting-roomed, two-looed house-with-a-study owned by the church, where they normally let the curates live. Subject to "internal advertising" (ie putting it in the news sheet for a week) it's ours for a year.
Yesterday, Tiffer sent me a text to say he was in the back of a van with most of our furniture! We are now the proud owners of two single beds, one kitchen table and chairs, a fridge, a microwave, a couple of ikea storage shelves that would look better in a garage (but we're going to sand them down and paint them) and a chrome TV stand with magazine rack. All of that but the beds and fridge were free from this friend of Jacquie's who is moving to America and just wanted rid of all her stuff. The fridge she sold us for 100, and the beds Tiff bought cheap of e-bay. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! WE HAVE FURNITURE AND A HOUSE! WE'RE REALLY GETTING MARRIED IN FOUR MONTHS! FOUR MONTHS TODAAAAAAAY!

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