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2005-03-30 - 10:57 a.m.

Just a quick entry to say congratulations to Kathy and Pete who got married yesterday:
Tiff and I had a fun, fairly damp time going to and fro their wedding in lovely rainy Slough, and getting lost on the London Underground, and laughing about it a lot. After the service, as we hadn't received an invitation, we weren't sure what we were invited to. So we embarrassedly (is that a word?) approached Pete while the photos were being taken and asked him, at which he said we could come to the reception (as it turned out, because there were two people not coming, so two spare meals.) On arriving, we found that although there were two spare meals there were not two spare places for some reason - and we found ourselves being placed on the top table! We were both very very embarrassed indeed, but enjoyed ourselves lots.
I'm sure when Jesus told the parable about "Friend, come up higher" He didn't mean the guest in question to be quite so red in the face at the offer!


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