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2004-04-04 - 7:25 p.m.

Spent almost the whole day pootling around on the web, adding more touches to my geocities page and reading other peoples' diaries. That makes me a boring person with a headache.

Christina turned up at about midnight last night, fresh from her Morocco trip, the colour of golden treacle (she's one of those blonde girls who glows when she tans) and complete with sleeping bag. She'd gone this morning by the time I got up for church - quite an early bird!

I got up to go to St Bene't's, and half way there realised that it's Palm Sunday today, and that I was missing our traditional procession in France from the vicarage to the church, watched by bemused French men with baguettes. To my delight, however, there *was* a procession after all - from Corpus Christi chapel to St B's, singing verses of 'all Glory, Laud and Honour' in a random order, the front end of the procession about a semitone and half a verse out with the back end - a good old church procession, in other words! In Church we got to sing 'My Song is Love Unknown'. So I was happy. And I got to hold baby William. It must be a great life, being a church baby - everyone makes a fuss over you after the service and feeds you biscuits on the sly.

I had lunch with a friend, and then wasted a glorious afternoon sitting in front of the computer. Note to self: I will not do this tomorrow. I will limit my web time. Oh yes, I will, despite the novelty of a new diary and web page. Now it's getting dark, and I must tear myself away from the screen and curl up dissertation draft, to proof-read it before tomorrow. Joy.

Three more days until France with Tiff!


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