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2004-04-03 - 10:50 p.m.

Crazy evening.

As I rounded the corner opposite Miller's, where people park scooters and motorcyles, I spotted a couple getting on to a large, black, evil-looking scooter. The woman was just hauling herself up behind the man when I noticed a whisp of grey hair straying from under her huge red crash-helmet. She turned around, and sure enough, she couldn't have been a day younger than 75. Made me giggle...

Got into the cafe on time, but the queue was so long and so very Italian that by the time I actually sat down opposite Joyful, he'd read about half his newspaper and was beginning to worry about the parking meter. Gulped down scalding camomile tea and dashed out to the car, only to realise we'd be early if we left now, so we ended up wandering around Tesco's...for fun. I narrowly avoided actually buying a shocking pink suitcase and matching vanity case (I'm developing a worrying addiction to shocking pink). When we finally got to the service, I went to the bathroom and remarked on my return that the tapestry hanging in there always looks as if it says "I am the Lord who needs you" (on closer inspection it says "I am the Lord who heals you"). This developed into a discussion about why God had created man, (to worship him out of free will) which ended up with me coming out with the following sentence:

"So you're saying that God punished man for doing the only thing he could do to prove that he was doing the thing God created him to do?"

Joyful looked at me for a few seconds, and then just agreed because his brain hurt.

Pretty good service after that. I learned the sign for "fill" and remembered the four-beat one for "halleluiah". The sermon was quite a straight-liner about not trusting your feelings, but to my surprise I ended up really agreeing with it. I went to find the preacher at the end of the service, but he had snuck off to write his next sermon, for tomorrow morning!

My internet is being evil and weird and keeps "encountering problems" and having to close. I really hope it doesn't do it again before I've saved this...


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