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2004-04-05 - 7:02 p.m.

Overheard a great conversation this morning between a little girl and her father. Dad was a save-the-whales type, with sandals and long hair, and they were talking about why trees were useful and shouldn't be cut down. The little girl spoke very slowly, with long pauses and extreme concentration, and emphasized all the important words by making them last twice as long:

"Well, cos if you took all the trees IN the world" (pause for consideration) "if you took them OUT of the world" (pause to review horrible consequences of such an act) "then the WORLD" (pause for the implications to sink in) "wouldn't be a very FUN place to live any more." (Triumphant pause). "Would it?"

Well, no, it wouldn't. I hope that when she's been through school and learnt about rainforests and animal habitats and environmental balance and paper manufacture, she will still remember that basically, trees make the world that much more fun.

The rest of today proves to me that there is something extremely wrong with my brain. When I woke up to the sun streaming in through the window, and making patterns on my ceiling from the reflections of the mirrorball that I've hung there, I dressed for spring and danced off to the University Library with only my College scarf against the weather. Having lost myself in the oversized rabbit warren that is the library, and had my dissertation supervision (still lots to do there, then) I looked out of the window, and decided not to leave until it had stopped raining. Half an hour later I randomly checked my phone and found a text message from Sophie: "Meet you in the plodge at 4!" At 4? Why? What was I doing at 4? had I agreed to have tea with her? I couldn't remember! So I decided to play along, and texted back: "Aarg! In UL! With you asap" and left, splashing through puddles in my summer shoes. Half way there got another text: "OK will tell them we'll be a bit late". Tell them? Tell who?! Am I going senile? I couldn't remember having agreed to do ANYTHING at 4.00 today! I spent the rest of the wet walk trying to work out what the devil I was about to be late for, and whether I was dressed correctly for it. Reached College pretty damp and shivering to find Sophie, armed with an umbrella, saying, "Off we go, then!" Thought about admitting that I had no clue where we were off to, but chickened out and followed her. 5 minutes down Mill Road it clicked - we were going to have tea with Lorraine and Edmund, half an hour's walk away in the pouring rain, and I didn't have a coat on.

So I'm certifiably mad, or have early Altzheimer's or something. We had a good tea nonetheless, and played on Lorraine's latest musical acquisition, a lap-harp with music that slides underneath and shows you, in order, which strings to pluck and the value of each note! Very nifty.

It was raining even harder on the way back. Arrived home and changed clothes completely; but in fact, the truth is that there aren't many experiences that beat sharing a hopeless umbrella, running and laughing hysterically with a good friend in the rain.


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