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2006-05-27 - 10:35 p.m.


This was the view outside my window when I woke up this morning - pretty, rainy Turvey. Tiffer took me there for the night as a "surprise" because we've always seen it from the Coventry-Cambridge coach window, never (a) together or (b) on foot, which makes it a very romantic destination...
jolly damp
...if a damp one.

While we were there we also visited a local Emmaus community and sort of bought a sofa. The sofa didn't fit into our car, so it's now sitting in Bedfordshire wondering how it's going to make it to our house.

I realise that I haven't been updating with much useful news lately. I've been leaving that up to Tiffer, since his blog is infinitely superior for news and also more frequently updated. But it occurs to me that some people reading this might not know of Tiffer's blog, so I will briefly say that we now have a little thatched cottage in Madingley which we will start renting in July, and that Tiffer's blog is located here


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