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2006-06-10 - 10:30 p.m.

Lots of news and piccies!

First of all, the hair saga. Last week I had my hair cut. (My parents came to stay, and we all had our hair cut!) It looked great for about an hour and then began to annoy me. It looked like this:
New hair take 1
and I didn't like all the layers and long bits and fluffy bits at the bottom. So on Friday, when Tiffer had his hair cut (about time!) I went back and had it cut AGAIN. You have to understand that it was a VERY hot day. It now looks like this:
new hair by tree
and I have to admit that, as Mandy would say, "Dayam!" I'm gorgeous!

Annnyway...the picture was taken in Stoneleigh Park, where Tiffer took me for a romantic date night on Friday. He brought one small camping chair, tuna pasta, a little bottle of wine, strawberries, and for some reason known only to himself, a banana. We sat in this little niche by the river, and he read Wordsworth to me and made me cry. As a result of that evening I have a spectacular mosquito bite under my arm which looks like a symptom of the bubonic plague, and several more on my legs, but I love my husband very much.


Today we were in Cambridge for Ridley's orientation day. We both feel quite orientated. Met lots of lovely people and enoyed lots of Cambridge sunshine. It still seem so utterly wonderful that I'm being granted three more years in that place, I can't quite take it in. And we get to be together there too!! We drove to Madingley afterwards to post money for some furniture we're buying from the present tenant, and stood in the frot garden for a bit staring at our cottage-to-be.

God spoils me.


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