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2006-02-13 - 5:37 p.m.


Tiffer has been selected!

I'm going to be a vicar's wife!

I'm so relieved. When he called me at lunchtime on Friday with the good news, I had to retreat to the staffroom for a little weep. We're now going to spend half term looking at colleges and trying to decide whether we go to train this September, or defer for a year. The problem is, I think they might be about to offer me a lengthier contract at school. I'm not sure what I want to do. It seems very sensible to finish off my NQT year in one place...then again, it's strange to slow the proceedings down now that we've finally got this far after waiting so long.

Stephanie did make it on time for the class trip. In fact, she was there before anyone else, having been deposited by a parent who then went back for the rest of the family! George, thankfully, was not there. The secretary and I had managed between us to persuade the headmaster that he would be a liability and that we should leave him with year 5/6 for the day, because we wouldn't be covered if he ran off across a road and caused an accident, but in fact he never appeared anyway. Several other class members also went down with the bug, so in the end only 16 children made it on the trip. They were almost all impeccably behaved, except for one boy who for the purposes of this diary I will rechristen Toby, who didn't seem able to get out of his normal habits of calling out, interrupting, getting up and wandering around, and generally being extremely facetious and cheeky whenever possible. He's one of a couple of boys in the class who has a real problem with respect and authority. I haven't come across many children before who would have the audacity to reply to a 'well done' written in his book with the words 'and to you' scrawled in pencil. Grrr. He's also one of those irritating ones that grins whenever you punish him. I can't stand that, but then I can remember doing it too at that age. It's that attitude of "Whatever the teacher forces me to do, I still win if it doesn't bother me." I must have driven my teachers crazy.

At least it's half term now. I went shopping today for what felt like the first time in months, although I suppose I must have shopped a bit round about Christmas! I couldn't believe it when I bumped into a girl from my class coming down the high street with her family. The school's not even in the same town! Am I not safe anywhere?! Tiffer and I are going to escape soon and see some colleges and some friends, hopefully at the same time. unfortunately, our week seems to be booking up so fast that I don't know when that will happen!


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