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2006-02-27 - 11:18 p.m.

Aaargh, I hate it when I haven't updated for this long and I still only have a very short amount of time, but I know I owe you all some news!

We made it to Durham over half term, and sort of almost liked it there. To be honest, the highlights had less to do with the college and more to do with meeting the wonderful Mandy and her wonderful husband Gareth and feeling as if we'd known them a whole life time after the course of one evening - do you know that rare feeling of just slotting in with people and realising that you will probably never lose touch with them ever again? The last time it happened to me was when I met Hannah on that GCSE German course - Hannah who has just given birth to Samantha Jane, congratulations!

Tiffer and I are now having complete nightmares over whether to go to college this year or next year. Apart from not actually having chosen a college yet, there are SO many good arguments on both sides that I won't go in to now that I'm beginning to feel like a ping-pong ball being violently batted from one side to the other, sometimes with spin. There's just too much to take into consideration, with it depending on his job and my job and the college course and which college, that it doesn't all fit inside my head to be considered in one go. Aaaargh.

On a lighter note, we're all dressing up as favourite fictional characters for book week tomorrow. From overhearing the children chatting about it I would say that I'm going to have a class full of Tracy Beakers and Luke Skywalkers. I'm going to be Moley from The Wind in the Willows. Should be fun.


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