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2005-12-29 - 4:28 p.m.

(My finished Christmas display from the end of the placement: snowflake similes)

We survived Christmas!

And I didn't wash up once!

The Robinsons were wonderful. They arrived on time, they brought bedding, they did all the washing up over and over again and they bought us a delicious lunch on boxing day.
We went to three church services between us, ate our weight in cheese and biscuits, avoided TV by playing hilarious rounds of Cranium and Balderdash and successfully cooked a Christmas dinner including a pudding that flamed for a good five minutes (dosed in Albanian brandy from Tiff's dad) and Tiffer's own remarkable concoction, a real figgy pudding made from a Christmas Compendium recipe.

And the house still looks almost tidy. Well, if you don't go upstairs. We've just finished the turkey and now we only have eighteen mince pies, three bottles of Schloer, an enormous hunk of stilton, a Pannetone and the rest of the figgy pudding to get through. Oh, and two fruit cakes: our Christmas cake (top of the wedding cake) was never cut, and we had a second large fruit cake for Tiff's birthday! If anyone wants cake, now would be the time to visit...

I thought I'd let you see some pictures, although unfortuntely my no-flash digital camera doesn't take pictures of pretty lights very well. Here are a couple of arty ones, one of the tree and one of our advent wreath:


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