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2005-12-20 - 4:05 p.m.

Time: Something past four in the afternoon. Day: Something to Christmas.
I just thought I'd stop cleaning and shopping for a moment to give you an alphabetical update on the present (ho ho) state of my First Married Christmas.

Angels: one, with wonky wings

Bathroom: clean, now, if you don't look behind the radox.

Bedroom, ours: unmentionable.

Bedroom, spare: still inhabited by houseguest. Evidence of packing.

Decorations: I decided we couldn't afford any and that I would make them all. I then went out and spent a small fortune on craft materials because we didn't have anything in the house to make them with. I'm wishing I'd gone for the cheaper option of buying cheap ones. Those I have already constructed were briefly on the wall, but due to the STUPID people that make 'power tack', they are now off the wall. The 'power tack' is still on the wall and doesn't seem to want to come off any time soon.

Dust: adorning everything like dirty glitter.

Food: not bought yet.

Kings: three, with camels, atop television.

Kitchen: full of washing up, which has squeezed itself into the priority list somewhere between Obtaining Tree and Posting Cards.

Mary, Joseph and Donkey: reached Leanne’s room. Will have to sprint to get to crib in the next five days.

Presents (my family): bought, wrapped and labelled (hurray!!)

Presents (Tiff's family) apparently unnecessary, although the pile is growing gradually nonetheless.

Shepherds: two, on top of bookcase

Sitting room: covered in bits of paper, glitter, gift tags, unsent cards, half-made decorations and below all that, a fine layer of dirt because I haven't been able to get the hoover through the door.

Tree: nonexistent

Wrapping: everywhere. And if anyone asks me to wrap another cylindrical present, I will go mad. Next year everyone is getting nice neat box shapes.

Yuletide spirit: fat chance.


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