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2005-07-07 - 3:20 p.m.

Wow, what a day. I suppose there are now two important pieces of news to tell anyone who wants to know, one significantly more important than the other.

1) Yes, I am in London, but I'm alive and well and safe (so far!) inside the flat. I was a bit worried at first because there's a tube line running beneath the flat, but they've stopped all the tubes so that's ok. I'm just very, very thankful that Providence saw to it that I made the rather silly decision to try and get into london last night and not, as the original plan was, this morning. True, last night's journey was arduous and slow and I didn't get in till midnight, but at least I didn't get blown up. If I had stuck to plan A and gone in this morning, I would have been (attempting) to get through Euston station round about when it was all happening. A note to anyone who's been trying to get in touch: the phone lines here were, and still are, scrambled, possibly due to being overburdened by people trying to contact loved ones, or possibly (rumour has it) because they were switched off due to people being able to use phones to detonate bombs. I've been receiving texts in sporadic bursts, but most of my replies fail in the sending and I still can't make calls, even to my voicemail. So if any of your kind anxious messages have not received replies, that's probably why.
Everything has stopped here - out of my window I can see that the big wheel has ground to a halt too, but we can't hear many sirens any more and things seem to be calming down. It's been the same news on the television for the past hour, so we've turned it off. I've spoken to Tiff on MSN and he is fine and safely at home. So we're all ok.

The other piece of news people might be logging on to look for is that no, I diodn't pass the course. Or rather, I failed the final placement. They are offering me another 8 week placement in October, and I'm trying to work out whether finances can be arranged so that I can take that up, because it will mean no full time job till January, and probably scant job opportunities then. Still, I'm trying to give my thinking over to the wedding at the moment, because there are only 2 weeks to go!


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