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2006-07-12 - 5:12 p.m.

Waah! 24 days since my last update! Wow, I'm getting bad at this. However, work has finally died down now. I have written 21 reports. I have sat through parents' evening. I have seven days left at St Mary's - and then it's on to the next thing. On Friday morning I'm zooming off to Cambridge for an interview for a job that starts in September and lasts for one term, which is ideal. What a sense of deja vu with the whole applying thing, though. It's wearying...

In other news, someone stole our tandem :( when we left it tied to a lampost half way to school, having got a flat tyre. But our wonderful insurance people are buying us a flashy new one :) about 10 times better than our e-bay bought, delapidated old French model! Hurray! We will now go out and purchase five or six extra-strong bike locks...


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