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2006-06-18 - 12:06 p.m.

"Father's Day" apparently. We've never celebrated it in our family. Still, I found some people doing this on another website, so I thought I'd join in, even though Tiffer is not a father, and he's certainly not *my* father. Ho-hum.

Why the man in my life matters:

*He does all the washing up and cooking, and always has ever since I started teacher training, even before we were married!
*Despite this, he becomes ridiculously excited and pleased when I so much as clean the bathroom basin
*He preaches wonderful sermons that make me incredibly proud to be the one that gets to kiss him afterwards
*He gets up an hour earlier than necessary every morning to give me a lift into work because I don't drive, and he apologises if we leave late
*He bought a strimmer designed to trim lawn borders, took the guard off and attempted to mow the entire garden with it
*He calls the ever-growing childhood scald mark on my stomach my "coffee stain" and kisses it
*Right now he is washing up the coffee cups at church, even though he just preached the sermon, so that I could come home early and get some work done.

I suppose I'd better get down to it...


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