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2006-04-04 - 5:26 p.m.

First of all, congratulations to my lovely sister-in-law Mrs Nicky Hope and her new husband James! The got married on Saturday. I wish I could show a photograph but I don't have gold membership here any more, and Diaryland has eaten all my photos :( besides which we didn't take any ourselves, on account of having no camera. James was so eager to get married that he shouted "I will!" at the top of his voice before the vicar had even done her bit, and he had to be quelled by Nicky. Nicky looked stunning in her purple-beaded wedding gown and tiara. Tiffer and I had fun filming the reception so that we could give the tapes to Nicky and James to take on honeymoon, the way Chip did for us.

Sadly, Nicky's Godfather and Uncle Ian died on his way to the wedding, so the weekend was very sad as well as joyful. We missed Ian in his kilt with his jokes. He was great company at our wedding.

Getting through the last week of term is like wading through thick treacle. Everything to catch up with and finish off, and no energy at all. Three days to go...


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