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2006-03-15 - 7:30 p.m.

I'm so tired and so overworked! Gentle readers, you must be used to these opening complaints by now...

The problem is, I missed my vital Saturday lie-in last weekend by goig to the Education fair in Birmingham. It was like a teacher's dream - well, a cross between a teacher's dream and a teacher's acid trip, really. I bought stickers. Ever such a lot of shiny, shiny stickers. I bought velcro to stick on the wall. I bought a giant whiteboard printed with special handwriting lines. I stopped myself from buying puppets, art supplies and books by the million.

The lack of lie-in is now taking its toll, though; I can't believe it's only Wednesday. We have a whole afternoon of science on Wednesdays, nd the class really can't cope with it. Today involved soggy flour and filter paper - not a good combination with hyper children in a small contained space.

Anyway, I'm updating because we have finally decided what we're going to do. On Thursday, Tiff visited Ridley and liked it so much that he persuaded me to visit with him again on Saturday. I had been unsure about the implications of going back to Cambridge for another three years, but it only took standing in the archway of Ridley hall as a slant of that peculiar orange quality of Cambridge sunlight glaced into the court beyond to make me sure. They offered us a place on Monday, and we'll be going in September to start Tiffer on his way to vicarhood.

It was strange telling the headmaster and remembering why I had wanted to delay for a year. They're going to interview for my job in April, and the prospective candidates will be visiting and teaching my class - well, I know I haven't had them for long, but they feel like mine! It will all be very odd, but I'm happy to be going while it's going well, really. I just hope to be able to delay the children finding out, as I'm not sure how they'll treat me once they know I'll be going again so soon. They've had so many changes of teacher already.

So, now to find another job in Cambridge!


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