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2005-12-19 - 3:43 p.m.

We're back from our cosy holiday in Cornwall. Amazingly we're not frozen into two blocks of ice, despite having just spent four days in a caravan by the sea in December. I had no idea that caravans warmed up so well. It was an extremely cute electric caravan with a bar heater, and you had to feed it pound coins to keep the little wheel spinning round. This was, in fact, fascinating. Did you know, for instance, that boiling a kettle eats almost more electricity than using a power shower, and certainly more than keeping a room heated and lit for an hour?
Anyway, we had lots of fun, went for walks by the sea, spent a long time in pubs and sharing cream teas,visited an aquarium where we saw an ENOOOORMOUS octopus (apparently related to the garden snail!! strange mutant!) and even managed to write almost all our Christmas cards. Unfortunately we haven't yet managed to send them. I can see a repeat of the thank-you letter disaster coming up at this rate, and I think we've missed the deadline for cards reachng people before Christmas anyway, so my apologies to all who read'll probably be with you by next summer...
I suppose I should go and do some more Christmas-related things now.

You know, if there was a book called 'How to Cope with your First Christmas as a Housewife', I would buy it. Definitely. There's a real hole in the market there.


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