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2005-11-20 - 12:14 a.m.

Midnight. Not a sound from the lampost...only a very few people will get that...but never mind.
Just finished a Science lesson plan and now am too tired to shut the computer down and go to bed so thought I'd waffle for a bit. Tiffer is away on a student weekend for the Cathedral job, and it's the first ever night we've spent apart as a married couple. Sigh. He phoned me just now, and we became all giggly and long-distance again the way we were when we were at two different universities, and he said 'No, you put the phone down!' to the guffaws of male students in the background. Hehe.

We're not very young any more. It's quite odd, him working with students instead of being one. Did I tell you that he has a selection conference booked for the 30th of January? We might know in two months whether he's going to be a priest! How scary and exciting and terrifying and all sorts of other things!

The reason I'm still up working is that I only started work at half past five, because wonderful Jacqueline was here and we looked at wedding photos and made lots of feminine noises, and then Chip arrived too and we watched wedding video and played with the snails (they were getting cold out in the utility room, so they came in to the sitting room for a bit to warm up, and Helena took a fancy to Chip and began to show off all her tricks, like hanging upside-down from my thumb and balancing off Chip's hand by the edge of her tail.) We had lots of fun, and I didn't mind putting off work one little bit. It was so good to see them again.

There's a certain light-heartedness about planning at the moment, actually. The Extreme Troublemaker in the class has just been sent home for a week for beating up the headmistress. I am concerned for the poor lad (no, honestly, I am), but the thought of not having to control him for a whole week...whew!

I'm sure he'll make up for it when he gets back, however.

Enough midnight rambles. Bed.


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