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2005-10-26 - 9:29 a.m.

Freaky things are happening in our house! I came down this morning to find the lid off the snails' tank, and my rubber gloves and an old paper envelope from the windowsill above, actually inside the tank. One of the snails had eaten a hole through the middle of the envelope. It looked as though there had been a massive gust of wind, but that area is completely sealed off - doors closed on either end - and the window was shut. My next thought was that Tiff must have knocked it and not noticed when he came in from the garden last night, but he says he didn't come in that way. He also says that when he left at 6 this morning, he found the front door off the latch!!
Thankfully, no damage seems to have been done. All the snails are still in the tank, so that was the first nightmare scenario out of the way, and all our things appear to be untouched and in their right place, so I don't think anyone came in. Odd. Maybe we have a poltergeist...or maybe, the snails did it in protest at not having been cleaned out for too long. Yes, that must be it. They joined forces to push the lid off the tank, then climbed up the sides and dragged in the envelope and gloves while one of them slimed down the hall and up the door to unlock it and put it on the latch.
Amazing how they managed to do it without leaving trails.

Clever snails.


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