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2005-10-20 - 7:29 p.m.

God bless my placement mentor. She made me write down "Be more positive in self-evaluation" as an action plan on my weekly mentor meeting record.

It's all so very different from last time. Nobody in this school makes a fuss about use of resources, or decorated worksheets. My mentor observed a lesson in which I openly displayed my woeful lack of knowledge about the interactive whiteboard, and she didn't even mention it in her write-up. And look! Tonight I have time to write my diary, because my work is all done and it's about to be half term.

Here's hoping this will last.

In the meantime, I'm attempting to do two weeks' worth of housework in one evening. I randomly decided, once I had finished the washing up and fished all the old bits of carrot out of the plug so that the water would finally drain, to clear out the cupboard under the stairs in the hope that I could fit more junk into it and reduce the number of boxes in the living room.
That sentence had as many words in it as there were random things in the cupboard.
Now most of them are all over the hall floor.
I mean, most of the space in there was taken up with two big bags of clothes that hadn't made their way to a charity shop yet, and the box our hoover came in. Why did we keep that box? All the other boxes went up into the attic, but the hoover box - OBVIOUSLY we'd decide to put that under the stairs.
One of the many mysteries of marriage.


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