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2005-09-26 - 8:14 p.m.


...excuse me...I'm rather sleepy. It's all this walking to and from buses, it's more healthy exercise than I've had for a long time.

Umm. Not much happens that is worthy of a diary when you're at work all day, alone in an office with not much to do! By the end of the morning I have normally dealt with the post, filed all the cheques and updated the database, and in the afternoon I'm reduced to playing solitaire and waiting for the phone to ring. I always feel awkwardly as though I should be doing something constructive, but there isn't anything else to do! Today I filled in the time writing instructions for the database that I've set up for the resource library, but een that was a fairly unnecessary task as it comes with its own instructions.

Tiffer is currently in his second DDO meeting. He didn't feel that the first one went very well. Hopefully now that he's got into work at the Cathedral, he'll have some positive things to talk about. He's really enjoying himself there; on Sunday he brought two students home for lunch (they were delicious) and it was fun to meet new people again. It reminds me of my own days as a Fresher and how exciting it was never knowing who you were about to meet or how long you would go on knowing them for.

Mind you, now that I'm an old lady of twenty-three, maybe I'm outgrowing all that. I tried not to reveal my birthday to anyone, but I still got sung The Birthday Song at church on Sunday (urk) and Sue gave me a truly crazy and brilliant snail hand puppet. Tiff took me out to the tapas bar on Saturday where we indulged in heavenly goats' cheese and rose wine.

Oh yes! And the Robinson-led Youth Group has now officially started. They're called Yoghurt (YOG for Youth Of God, the rest just because. Their choice, not ours). Personally I think YOBS might be more appropriate. We could say it stood for Youth Only Bible Study...

Hmm...I seem to be going must be the sleepiness. Time to go I think. I'm going to stick more wedding photos into our album with those little fiddly plastic corners. That should just about do my head in sufficiently until Tiff gets home. Blurble...


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