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2005-08-20 - 12:18 p.m.

Well, we're back from honeymoon and back to work already - crazily busy and haven't had the chance to update properly. I mean, you can't write about your wedding day in a 5 minute internet break in the office, can you? We don't have the photos that Tim took yet, but to keep you going, gentle readers, here are some stills from our wedding video that will give you an idea of our day.
Here's me and my bridesmaids, showing off the backs of our beautiful dresses just after I arrived at the church. (I was bang on time, by the way).

Here's me and my papa, just before going into church. I was SO nervous at this stage. All I could think about was how to stop my flower shaking!

Here we are going into the church...

My dad made a great speech at the reception. It ws very moving and funny. This was obviously one of the funnier bits.

Here we are cutting our cake.

Weren't we a gorgeous couple?


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