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2005-07-31 - 10:07 p.m.

This is my first entry as Mrs Robinson!

It's only going to be a short one, as I'm still theoretically mid-honeymoon at the moment, and describing the wonderfulness of the wedding and our first week as husband and wife would be beyond me right now. However, I couldn't resist showing off just a couple of photos that a friend has sent us.
Here we all are a few minutes after the service, standing outside the church being photographed by about 200 people.

That's my mum in the big blue hat, with my new father-in-law standing next to her; Tiff's mum in red with my dad beside her; Katie the littler bridesmaid, Joanna the slightly larger one, and Sophie, my maid of honour looking gorgeous. Our sisters are behind us - mine is the one in the large pink hat! Remember the panic about the hair? Well, my friend Rebekah did it in the end, and did Sophie, Joanna and Katie's as well, and we all looked amazing! SO glad I sacked the hairdresser!

Here's our beautiful cake, iced by Karen:

And here we are standing on board The Edwardian about to take our trip on the Thames. Behind us and to the right a bit is the spot where Tiff proposed!

Enough for now - more to follow!


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