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2005-05-01 - 9:13 p.m.

Awww...I've just been reading the diaries of two friends on this site, and they're both looking back at their weddings, lucky things.
Less than three months to go! The counter seems to have gone from our webpage since the proper wedding site has gone up :( but maybe Tiff has moved it. At least we have a proper wedding site now, with a gift list and directions and things. And all the invites have gone out except two. Yippee!

We've just been on a fantastic church weekend away in Launde Abbey, getting to know people better, doing lots of praying and talking, enjoying the weather and sheep-filled scenery and performing in an extremely crazy Saturday-night 'talent show' which ended in a sing-song-and-dance. Embarrasing photos to follow when Tiff puts them on our site tomorrow! In the meantime, content yourselves with a mental picture of a selection of Anglican parishioners in a large circle doing The Birdie Song.

Biggest news of recent times: I HAVE AN INTERVIEW for the job I wanted at Sydenham!!!!! Thanks to all those who prayed. Please redouble your prayers on Thursday morning, when I will have to teach a 20 minute lesson of my choice to some year ones, and answer lots of difficult questions...I'm VERY nervous, and I want the job SO MUCH!


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