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2005-04-04 - 1:14 p.m.

Ahh...first day I love campus computers with their snappy internet connection.
Gave in an appalling ICT task this morning. 6 separate sections, each one more pointless than the last. "250 words evaluating a piece of software" and then a list of questions to include that probably comes to more than 250 words by itself. 250 words is a single sizeable paragraph. It is UTTERLY POINTLESS. 250 words says to me, "I can't be bothered to mark this...I just want to scan a paragraph to make sure you've used a computer at least once in your life, then I can tick the box". 250 words is an insult and a WASTE OF LIFE.
There. Now I've got that off my chest, I'll admit that I also collected the essay I gave in last time and it got a 1!!! I'm laughing! Why on earth did it get a 1? It was under-researched, bored and boring rubbish! And in the breakdown it was only given two 1s out of five sections, and the rest weren't even all twos, it got two 2/3 marks. So surely it should have come out as a 2, tops. And weirdly, on the cover sheet it looks as though the original mark has been scratched out and replaced by a 1 and it says "modified" beside it, in different handwriting to the one that marked it. Why? Why? Does anyone in this place actually know what they're doing???!!!
Not that I'm complaining, mind...I guess I'll keep quiet about my completely undeserved 1...but WHY???


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