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2005-03-21 - 5:40 p.m.

Hurraaay! I'm on holiday!
And hurraay, this server has finally let me add an entry, after 10 minutes of reloading the same error page!
But grr, it won't let me buy gold membership because it won't believe that I'm not an American. It won't let my payment go through without a ZIP code and a state in the billing address. What are you supposed to do if you're from another country?! Makes me think of Eddie Izzard talking to his New York audience: "All this happened in Ireland...did you read about...(sigh) you *know* there's other countries?!" I went shopping with my not-so-little-now sister and between us we spent a truly obscene amount of money on shoes and clothes, which felt good, although I'm not sure my bank balance would agree.
Hopefully, Tiffer has sent my application to a primary school by now. It looks like a really good job, and it's in Coventry. I'm hopeful for at least an interview, which will be good practice even if they don't want me. It was strange leaving placement: all the children were saying how much they'd miss me, but unlike last time, I didn't really feel the same about many of them! One girl gave me a whole little book with a sentence written on each page like "I want to learn the cello, I wish you could teach me" or "I wish I had long hair like yours". That really touched me, because you don't think of yourself as a role model while on placement so much as a teacher that's not quite as good as the real one. Anyway, I had a good time on my last day, and sang in assembly with them and played the cello, but I'm glad it's all over.
Off to Taize with Sophie on Thursday!!!


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