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2005-03-06 - 8:22 p.m.

A certain pirate will be pleased to know that yesterday, I went to a signing day at church and I can now sign the whole of the story of the Good Samaritan! It's actually simpler than I expected to tell a story. You basically have to pretend you're wearing finger puppets.
This weekend has gone by too fast, and I do NOT want to go back to school. For all the cute kids and funny stories, I'm really not enjoying this placement. The attitude of the staff makes the school the kind of place I would never want to work in if this was "real life", but alas, students can't pick and choose. I would also never want to send my children to a school in which the class teacher bungs handwriting in front of them once a week while she catches up with her marking, or allows them to spend a whole afternoon colouring in a map of a *fictional* island! I haven't seen her teach a single inspirational, thoughtful or compelling lesson, not even while Ofsted were here. (I can't believe the school got Very Good. It just goes to show how meaningless Ofsted really is). And then she has the nerve to tell me to make sure to vary my teaching and never to give them worksheets, because "this school doesn't believe in worksheets". Unless of course they're on the computer, because then that's not a worksheet, that's ICT. What, please, is the difference between a well-written worksheet with several activities, and an hour of map-colouring? That's right, lady! The map colouring is MORE BORING!!!!
Grr. Talking about the staff makes me annoyed, so instead I'll talk about the children! On Friday they had wet play, and out of the blue about half a dozen of the girls made me cards that said things like "thank you for teaching us". My favourite said, "Dear Miss Arthur, you are getting nicer and nicer. I like you more and more and wish you don't have to go next Friday". Well, I don't have to go next Friday, worse luck. I still have two weeks to stick...


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