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2004-11-07 - 8:23 p.m.

Sunday! Should have spent today doing planning, but predictably have spent most of it in church. Music group this morning included a fantastic rock version of Tallis's canon with a great cello part that I only wish I could reproduce in type. Suffice it to say that it really managed to make the cello sound like an electric bass guitar, and it also made me giggle every time it did so.
Much of the service was lost on me because I was distracted by Daniel saying his alphabet. Daniel is only two and a half but he has mastered the art of stage timing completely. He not only knows all the words to Away in a Manger off by heart (and can sing them in tune into a microphone originally positioned as a cello pick-up) but he knows how to hold his audience. Today he entertained at least five adults simply by reciting the alphabet: "ABCDEFG..." (pause, as if for contemplation) "HIJK" (pause, a check around all the faces watching him) "LMNOP" (pause with furrowed brow...adults all holding their breath) "QRSTUVWXY" (abrupt halt. Adults spellbound. He's pretending he's finished. He's suddenly interested in his lap. Is he having us on?) Daniel's Dad, after an excruciating pause, can't take any more: "Annnnnd?!"
"ZED!" Hah! As if he didnt know that! Adults all breathe an audible sigh of relief and sincere impressedness before recalling that they're supposed to be praying.


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