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2004-05-20 - 7:03 p.m.

Well, Practical Criticism could have been a lot worse, I suppose. For a three and a half hour exam it actually passed by pretty painlessly, except that the last question was a bit of a nightmare. I really enjoyed the second question, though, which is always a good sign. Now, the stress is wearing off, and I'm beginning to notice that my room is a horrible tip covered in books and dirty mugs and plates, and that I can't remember what colour the carpet should be; and that familiar feeling of post-exam depression is setting in, and I'm really hoping that I can find some human company tonight before I succumb to it.

I went to meet the CCMS folks after the exam. I was so brain-dead that when I went to get cash from the hole in the wall to pay for my coffee,I walked away and left the money still sticking out of the machine! Remembered just in time and ran back to collect it. The meeting was a bit depressing, Alex is despairing at the lack of interest and wanted to cancel the play. I tried to explain that May Week shows always come together at the last minute, rough-hew them how we will. I suppose I should have mentioned the grace of God, but I didn't. I finally got them to give me until June 1st to get a cast together (as well as writing the play!) after exams, and then review the situation. I think it will be fine - I hope it will be fine! Of course I don't know what will be happening with Salad Days by that stage - probably very strenuous rehearsals, so it will be a lot of hard work. But then, that's what May Week is all about. I think May Week is harder work than the rest of the term put together! (For any non-Cambridge readers, May week is in June...yes, I know...and it's the post-exam week of drunken madness that takes place before the holidays and before graduation. Sane people spend their time going to the flamboyant May balls, midnight punting, putting on shows and concerts or going to see them. Mad people spend a week with alcohol poisoning. Neither sane nor mad people sleep much. And this is our post-exam "rest".)

Annnnyway...time to phone Mama now and tell her how it went...why are parents always more concerned about exams than their children are?! One of the great mysteries of life!


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