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2004-05-10 - 11:50 p.m.

What am I doing back in this room? I've had such a wonderful weekend, it's not fair. I got back last night after a great anniversary day spent mainly with Tiff and our friend Erich. Erich's from Kenya and spends a lot of time laughing at us; well, mainly at Tiff, actually. He particularly appreciated Tiff's reaction to the discovery that we had to pay 2.50 to get into a teddy bear fair I wanted to see ("Well, that WAS fun! Off we go now!") To make up for it, Tiff took me (and Erich!) to hire a rowing boat for an hour and we floated lazily down the river and back, "singing snatches of old songs" and screeching every now and then as we nearly capsized. There were ducklings and swans and bullrushes, there was jazz being played in the park and wafting through the air on the breeze, and it was all very perfect.

Speaking of ducklings, we had a wonderful Saturday as well, exploring the environs of my prospective house next year. It's only ten minutes' walk from the old centre of Warwick with its wattle-and-daub houses, crooked streets and, of course, the castle; but even better was the walk in the other direction, by the side of the canal all the way back to Leamington. The fields on either side were full of sheep with their lambs, and the water was populated by tiny fluffy orange-and-black speedballs of duckling that zoomed from side to side after their mothers; and, walking beside me, Tiff was the apex. I started really looking forward to next year for the first time.

And now...I'm back in rainy Cambridge, a revision class today was cancelled, I've been to one lecture and written out about three pages of quotations, and I've discovered that I'm in my overdraft and haven't yet paid my college bill. Back to life, back to reality...

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