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2004-05-08 - 11:07 a.m.

Hellooo! I'm sitting in beautiful sunny Leamington! Well was sunny yesterday, and now it's dull and dreary and I've only just got up despite its being 11.00. I'm going househunting today for NEXT YEAR! But dreary Leamington DOES contain a beautiful sunny Tiff.

(Tee hee - he's just come back from shaving and I kissed him on the cheek - aftershave tastes DISGUSTING!)

It's our anniversary tomorrow - three years! Actually, said out loud that doesn't sound so long, in the run of things; but it feels like forever.

Well, I'm not feeling eloquent, just happy, so I'll leave this entry for now and go in search of break - er - brunch, I suppose.


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