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2004-04-27 - 10:33 a.m.

Oh dear. A whole week since I last wrote? And only 15 minutes before lectures to catch up with?! I can scarcely remember what's happened. I've missed the English dinner which was on Friday, at which we saw all our supervisors get plastered (always amusing) and then got even more plastered ourselves and broke into the fellows' garden; but more importantly, I've missed the fact that Tiff was here, for a whole blissful weekend. We're getting very excited about there being only a month to go until we'll be planning a wedding! (Yesterday he told me in a text message that he wanted to help choose the bridesmaid's dresses. He reckons that if I choose them alone, "you'll probably pick such pretty ones that I'll want to marry your sister instead"! Glad he thinks so highly of my taste...I think....)

Anyway, we spent the weekend reading in the sun in the fellows' garden. We finished Iris, so we need suggestions for a new shared book now. We did the odd bit of revision, and we prayed together, which is always very special to me. On Sunday we were in chapel too long to get to St Bene't's afterwards, so we just went along for coffee to see baby William, who I got to hold for a split second before his dad decided he was too sleepy.

And now Tiff's gone back to Leamington *sob* and I don't have much else to write here...just sunny weather and revision classes, not a great combination. Last night the chapel group went to see 'The Station Agent' in preparation for a sermon on it next Sunday at evensong. It's part of a venture by the chaplain which he's called 'Reel Faith' (ho ho ho) where every evensong sermon this term will be linked to a film. The Station Agent was quite good, one of those feel-good movies without a plot, like About Schmidt (only better. I didn't like About Schmidt much.) The lead, a guy with dwarfism called Richard Dinklace (or maybe it was Peter Dinklace, bother) had a really amazing voice, incredibly deep. He was a pretty good actor too.

Well, if I keep writing in this drab mood I shall swiftly become boring, so more later when I'm inspired! Which may or may not be after this tragedy lecture I'm about to go to...


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