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2004-04-18 - 5:45 p.m.

Urgghh. (How do you type a general noise of weariness and boredom?) I've just spent two hours cutting, pasting, moving and changing every paragraph in this wretched dissertation until none of them are where they started out, and I honestly can't remember which one leads on to which now, nor can I work out whether their present order is any better than their first one. My computer hates me, and complicates matters by underlining perfectly reasonable sentences with green "grammar mistake" squiggles. It doesn't spellcheck any more, though - which would have been useful - because I've confused it by using three languages in one document, and by not being American. It's over the word limit, and still without a conclusion (although it has a title and introduction now, praise God!) Double-spaced and correctly formatted, it's over 25 pages long, and I've now read every paragraph in several different contexts so many times that by the time I reach page 10, I can't remember what I've already said and what I haven't, nor can I asertain (sp?) whether it follows any structured argument at all. But my brain is so fuddled now that there's no chance of it happening before chapel, so I rewarded myself with tea and a chat and game of minesweeper with Tiff, who is working equally hard in Leamington. I love Sundays, I get to phone him all day :) I'm meant to be giving the dissertation to Laura tomorrow for a final look before the deadline - and my evening is all taken up, so when it's ever going to get a conclusion stuck to it, I have no idea. Probably around 3am.

So much for Sunday being a day of rest. Church was lovely, though, even though I wasn't concentrating very well - still a bit bleary because of the cold. Tim kindly bought me lunch afterwards. I needed it - it gave me the energy to get through all that work.

This morning I got up and merrily dressed for summer before looking out of my window. Due to a certain law, the weather had reverted to wind and rain. Not that I mind - it's a good reason for me to stay inside until the Wednesday deadline.



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